Flying Back in Time – Ryanair VS Pan AM

Flying Back in Time - Ryanair VS Pan AM 1

Those that fly by the air now do not know what it is to travel in old aircrafts, when flying to Las Vegas or Paris would have felt completely different from how it does today. If you wish to know how that experience would have been, you have to read this infographic which takes a rather funny dig at two of the airline companies from the bygone era. So which now would you pick? Take a look at this infographic and judge below.

Flying Back in Time – Ryanair VS Pan AM” infographic would give you an impeccable taste of what it likes to be flown back in time. Have a look at the air crew and the staff. What is your preference of the type of air crew that should be to your aid when flying in the air? Pan Am airlines on one hand, believed in giving their customers a first class flying experience providing them all the luxuries, while Ryanair formed almost after a decade of Pan Am, provides extravagant luxury features as well, but you will find it written in a humorous way in the infographic. If you are someone who has a faint bit of idea of what it is like to be flying in those times, then you would really enjoy reading this funny take at both airlines.

The advertised fair of Ryanair in those times was only 8 pounds of today, while that of Pan Am is that of 1100 USD of today’s value. So which one is your pick?


Funny read. Visually attractive.


Nothing really.

The glory days of flying are a direct contrast to flying today, when a flight to Paris or Las Vegas would have been a completely different experience as this humorous infographic comparing European budget airline Ryanair with Pan Am highlights.

Flying Back in Time - Ryanair VS Pan AM 2

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