Find Your Fans: The Cost Of Marketing On Facebook

Facebook marketing has been picked up by small and medium sized companies including larger brands and corporates. Not just organizations but celebrities and many other prominent personalities use Facebook marketing, especially, because it is cost effective. In this infographics titled, “Find Your Fans: the Cost of Marketing on Facebook,” you will see the cost required to market on Facebook.

Cost of producing likes on a Facebook page varies for different industries. It costs the least for an ecommerce company and maximum for medicine related companies. The minimum cost per like is more than one dollar. Therefore, pages that have millions of users liking the page have spent millions of dollars in advertising on Facebook. You can also use any pay per click advertising methods for promoting your brand or product.

Facebook marketing has taken over any other kind of digital marketing, as people use Facebook all over the globe and this social networking site is the most popular. Therefore, it becomes easier to for a company of any size to use Facebook even if they have a lesser budget for marketing. You can also market your Facebook page for free as there are no charges for creating a Facebook page. You can offer many rewards and incentives even through the Facebook page, apart from sending across updates about your products and services alone. This has become one of the most convenient methods of marketing compared to the newsprint.


An informative insight into cost incurred towards advertising on Facebook.


Needs more examples.

With an audience of 800 million potential customers, businesses are flocking to Facebook as their go-to social media marketing platform. Column Five Media created this infographic with Flowtown to examine the who, how, and how much of Facebook marketing.

Find Your Fans: The Cost Of Marketing On Facebook 1

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