FIFA 21 Global Series: The Significance of India’s Inclusion

FIFA 21 Global Series: The Significance of India’s Inclusion 1

Following the release of EA Sports’ FIFA 21 on October 9th 2020, the game developers announced that Indian gamers would be eligible to compete in the FIFA 21 Global Series. The tournament has been a popular element of the title’s Ultimate Team mode, which sees players compete to achieve Elite 1 rank in their efforts to earn Global Series Points, according to EA’s official website.
The announcement to include India has seen the country join other newcomers to the competition, including Bolivia and Costa Rica. The Global Series provides an opportunity for the world’s best players to earn a spot in the highly-anticipated eWorld Cup. So, let’s take a look at why India’s inclusion is a significant step for the South Asian country.

Tapping into the Country’s Growing Gaming Sector

As touched upon above, the Global Series provides a base on which players can win their way into the FIFA eWorld Cup – which first came to fruition back in 2004. Throughout the previous 15 tournaments, Indian players have been unable to compete having been left out of the bracket formerly named Middle East and Africa. However, following the decision, India will join the West Asia and South Africa league, according to InsideSport.

In many ways, this inclusion is a testament to the recent growth of India’s gaming sector. By 2023, it’s forecast that the country’s online gaming revenue will rise to approximately £1.2 billion, according to a study at Statista. This new-found gaming popularity is not only evident across traditional console titles but also from the rise of online casinos.
Over the last few years, the online casino industry in India has reached new, unprecedented heights. As a result, the market has become heavily populated. While you can find more detailed information about the country’s new casinos at CasinoWings, it’s worth noting that numerous bonus-offering platforms – such as 10Cric and Casino Universe – accept Indian players. With instant-play technology, prospective users can enjoy an array of casino offerings, which include the industry’s latest live games and slots.

The Start of an eSports Revolution?

Following India’s new-found admiration for the gaming industry, many believe that the country could establish itself as a significant player in the eSports world in the near future. There can be no doubts that the foundations are in place to achieve competitive success and now India’s inclusion in the FIFA Global Series provides a platform for local players to compete against the world’s best in front of a worldwide audience.

FIFA 21 Global Series: The Significance of India’s Inclusion 2Source: Unsplash

At the time of writing, India embodies a country that possesses untapped potential to be a real force in the competitive gaming sector. To date, India’s eSports involvement revolves around the smartphone market. However, EA’s recent announcement could be the catalyst for the country to unlock its undeniable gaming promise.
As per a report by Firstpost, enticing local participants is unlikely to be an issue because the country is forecast to have 628 million gamers by 2020. In comparison, at the time of writing, Germany has 37 million. Should this total continue to grow, then India will undoubtedly have the foundations in place to take the eSports world by storm.

Everybody is a Winner

Ultimately, every party affected by EA’s decision stands to gain something. While the expansion will broaden the appeal of the Global Series and the subsequent FIFA eWorld Cup, Indian players have an opportunity to competitively get into one of the most popular eSports titles. In turn, this may unlock the country’s eSports potential, especially if local players thrive on the global stage.

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