How to Feng Shui a Living Room

How to Feng Shui a Living Room 1

Feng shui principles applied to beautifying and arranging homes and offices make it easier for you to have a very positive environment to live and grow. Every room has certain significance and, if you decorate it and place Feng Shui elements according to these principles, then you will see a very positive change coming into your life. In this infographic titled, “How to Feng Shui a Living Room” you will see how colors, arrangement, and Feng shui items can change the energy of the room.

There are five elements to be considered in Feng shui, they are, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal, Air, and Wood. Each direction in your home or office has these elements. The first thing you can do is free the space from any clutter and remove any unwanted items from that area and keep it clean and beautiful. The next thing you can do is choose appropriate colors for the rooms.

For instance, you can choose bright colors for the living room, as you will be entertaining guests in this room. You cannot use bright colors for your bedroom, as that is the place where you will relax and detox. Therefore, you can choose soothing colors, such as, pink, lavender, etc for this room. The seating arrangements, door placements, lighting of the room, and all these things matter when you are using Feng Shui to decorate a room.  Therefore, if you want to bring positive changes into your lives, you can choose to Feng shui your life with these principles.


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This infographic looks at methods of using Feng Shui techniques on a living room to improve health, wealth and happiness.

Feng Shui a living room

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