Fasting Guide During Traveling Worldwide

It’s tricky when traveling during Ramadan, the month when the Muslims fast during the day. Tricky because each country has different daylight times, which can affect your itinerary whether you’re traveling in a Muslim country or you’re a Muslim yourself. However, fasting month shouldn’t be an obstacle for traveling.

Hence, if you’re fasting but plan to travel, here are some information that can help you prepare for your journey. Be aware about the he amount of daylight hours at your potential destination, since it will affect your behavior whether you’re trekking, visiting a tourist attraction or if you’re on business.

I’ve listed a sample of countries with the shortest to the longest daylight. There are some handy tips to help survive long hours and keep you healthy during this less-consuming month. It also shows some of the local cuisines at each country, inspiring a menu for you’re iftar of break fast session. [via]

Fasting Guide During Traveling Worldwide


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