Fastest Web Hosting for WordPress

WordPress is a great way to go online. It’s an easy-to-use content management system which can be used to make beautiful and powerful websites. As a matter of fact, the biggest chunk of websites created right now use exactly WordPress. It’s popular, it’s useful and if you manage to have an intuitive and quick website, you’re onto a winner.

A fast page is incredibly important. It’s not only good for the visitors to be browsing swiftly – Google also loves that and tends to rank quick pages higher than the slow ones. Therefore – decision time! Which host should you choose if you look for supreme speed? Let’s have a look.


BlueHost is a shining example that the most popular option is not always bad. Nearly every BlueHost review mentions this host’s speed.


Optimized for WordPress and crafted specifically to deliver the best performance, its servers put on a clinic in most of the cases. There are multiple reports of a downtime or two happening but for most of the time, it works really well – and really quickly. Also, it is worth to mention that this host is recommended by WordPress itself. Surely can’t be a bad thing.


A rising star of the hosting world, Hostinger has been attempting to kill off its competition by simply offering amazing prices.

However, some smart investments in the advanced SSD servers and a terrific content delivery network (CDN) have led to Hostinger also clocking supersonic response times. There is no official “WordPress seal of approval” but installing it is super simple and at the end of the day – it’s the performance that matters.


Speed is often all about perspective. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

Although SiteGround has SSD servers included, its WordPress page speeds often lag behind the business leaders. Not by much – a fraction of the second, only – but it’s still not good. Which is why it is great to see SiteGround delivering amazing speeds in something slightly different. I am talking about customer support.

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SiteGround customer service is almost mythical in a way everyone talks about it. There is a solid reason for that though. Chat starting times are almost nonexistent, so are the phone lines. Most of the time it takes less than 10 minutes for SiteGround to respond to advanced ticket requests as well. This may sound weird – but support response times are also very important. No CDN in the world is going to save you if something went wrong and your website is down. SiteGround offer one of the best supports in the business and are a force to be reckoned with.

A2 Hosting

Of course, what would be this list if I didn’t include the self-proclaimed “Turbo” hosting – A2! This provider is definitely very quick and it is an option chosen by many advanced web professionals.

The downside is clear though – in order to have good website speeds you will need to shell out money for the biggest and baddest plan they provide. The entry and medium plans simply don’t cut it and clearly lag behind their price equivalents from competitors. If you can afford the best plan though, you’re in luck. Enjoy the Turbo ride.


Here they are – the brilliant and quick WordPress hosting providers from all around the world. If you look for a great provider – you won’t miss by choosing any of these four. Make your websites quick, visitors happy and Google satisfied!

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