Fantastic Plastic: Celebrity Secrets

Plastic surgeries are one of the things which we know most, if not all celebrities do; but it’s not quite often that we see the plastic surgeries go to waste? Let’s face it, some plastic surgeries done are purely bad and they make the celebrities look extremely obnoxious, we are then left to wonder what happened to that sweet face we loved? From Bollywood, the clear example is Anushka Sharma: remember the duck-like lips in “PK”? That being said, there have been many good examples of a plastic surgery too. For example, the lip job or Priyanka Chopra, enhanced her looks by ten folds, we cannot ignore that. But the same thing for Hollywood is a whole different story.

Here this infographic “Fantastic Plastic Celebrity Secrets” shows us a list of celebrities whose plastic surgeries were an utter disaster. Also, there are those who have gotten the plastic surgery at a very young age. But can we really blame plastic surgery for these looks of the celebs? This is what this infographic aims to explore.

If you love celebs like MJ and Kim Kardashian, then you have to check this infographic out. It contains details about the surgeries they underwent. MJ has gone under the knife for quite a lot of times, but was it worth it? Do you agree with the views posted in this infographic? You have to read it till the end to know. But nevertheless it is a nice compilation of celebrity plastic surgeries.


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