15 Surprising Facts You Need To Know Before You Die!

There are things we hardly think about during our living period, and one of those things is death. Regarding that part, no one is that sure; so no one really cares about knowing it much.

But here we present you some facts related to death which will make you stop and think for a while. Did you know that even after decapitation, the human head stays conscious, just for a few seconds? Sounds creepy, right? Then wait for this, once you have died, the body that once digested your meals, will start digesting its own tissues. It’s literally cannibalism.

This infographic manages to establish certain facts that might come across as very creepy to any living person. It would make you think “would this happen to us after we die?” Yes it will, and this is by far one of the scariest thoughts you will have.

With the abundance of air around us, who would come to think that something like “oxygen” would be one of the most common causes of death, or its lack thereof? However the bizarre and the funniest thing to learn would be that even after death, men have an erection, called the “death erection.” Read more about it in the infographic to find out.
15 Surprising Facts You Need To Know Before You Die! 1

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