Facts About the Port Southampton

The importance of seaports in a country such as the UK, surrounded by sea, cannot be overemphasized. Seaports are an essential cog in the UK economy’s health and economic growth. It is also an important medium for international trade to be carried out. This infographic by Cruise1st focuses on facts about the port Southampton, and how it contributes to the UK economy.

The infographic, nicely designed using shades of the colour blue in keeping with the theme, states some key facts. The port Southampton hosts a might 430 cruise ships that host more than 1.5 million passengers. This supersedes the population of Birmingham, UK’s third most populated city. All of the following facts too follow this style of analogy comparison. This makes the infographic easy to understand and share.  Each docking, worth £2,500,000 to the local economy is 14 times the local average house price. The legendary vessel Titanic launched from this very port on that fateful journey. Her two engines had a combined output of 50 Lamborghini Diablos. The docks also create 25,000 local jobs, but it is not mentioned if this is annual or monthly.

The next section of the infographic deals with information related to ships. Royal Albert Hall, a grail central to encouraging Arts and Science, can hold less people than the largest ship using the port. The ship has a capacity of 5700 passengers. Southampton will soon play host to the 2nd largest cruise ship ever, which is 350 metres long. This is as big as 3.5 football pitches. What is noticeable in the infographic is that numeric’s have been addressed in different gradient fonts. This makes readability and grasping very convenient. To round off, the last piece refers to 2015. Southampton will have three ships bringing in the Queen Mary II, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria to commemorate Cunard’s 175th Anniversary. The ships weight will equal 450 Airbus A380S airplanes!!!.

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