Facts About Ebay

eBay was one of the ecommerce sites that started in the nineteenth century with the advent of the Internet. In the 1990s, when people where new to eBay, and there were not many online retailers, it pretty much reached many milestones in a span of fifteen years. In this nostalgic infographics titled, “Facts about EBay” you will see some facts about the milestones reached by eBay since the day it started.
Pierre Omidyar is the programmer of this website and he sold a broken lazer pointer, which was the first auction that was displayed, for fourteen odd dollars. Within a year of its start, eBay received nearly two hundred thousand auctions per month, which made eBay a huge business and is popular till date.
You will see Shia LeBeouf selling his grandfather’s glasses on eBay in the most popular Hollywood Sci-Fi movie, Transformers. eBay found its way getting enlisted in NASDAQ in the just three years after it started. The very next year, it started spreading its tentacles internationally and made itself available in most of the countries across the world.
In the year 2000, eBay started a subsidiary that allowed only fixed price selling, unlike eBay that has the format of auctioning any new and used products. After eBay acquired PayPal, it became one of the biggest online payment gateways used very commonly across the world. A very interesting infographic that also celebrates the 15th anniversary of eBay.
Interesting information about milestones reached by eBay depicted neatly, good layout.
It could have talked about some of its competitors and how eBay stands among the competition.

Facts about Ebay Infographic

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