The Facts Behind the Internet “Soft War”

What is the internet “soft war”? Did you know what it is? Or are you discovering it newly? If you already knew what it is, then some of the facts in this infographic might shock you. If you didn’t know anything, it will give you a chance to explore this aspect – an aspect which is very important to know if one happens to value their right to freedom across the social media platforms or their right to voice their opinion on the social media platforms. No one should be able to restrict you on social media, if you think this is true then read on.

This infographic video called the “The Facts behind the Internet “Soft War” tells a true tale of how the internet watchers have been trimming off the messages and the censoring the important protests which people are posting on social media platforms.

The basic idea is that the social media platforms are the best way to get across people from various walks of life. If you want to reach out to a large number of masses, what other way than to do so with the help of social media platforms? This is the very thing which is being opposed by the opposing governments. This is presented here in this infographic video by the ColumnFive –which should reach the masses in large numbers so as to make them know what exactly is happening.

Are there any actions being taken, you ask? See for yourself here.


Well documented.


Short on detail.

The recent rise of social media as a tool for activism and the subsequent censorship of the dissident’s voice on the Internet by opposing governments have sparked a war with no boundaries. ColumnFiveMedia presented this infographic outlining the root of this so called Internet “soft war” and what actions are being taken on both sides.


The Soft War from Column Five on Vimeo.

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