16 Essential Facts About Sleep You Didn’t Know


A good night’s sleep is important to recharge the brain. If you are deprived from sleep, you might develop irritability and mood swings over time. It also reduces your energy levels and productivity. Therefore, a good sleep adds to keeping up good health. In this infographic, “16 Facts about Sleep” you will learn about some cool facts about sleeping.

When you sleep, it is highly likely that you will get dreams. Most of the men get more than fifty percent dreams about other men and less about women. But, women on the other hand, equally dream about both men and women. As you grow, you might spend lesser and lesser time sleeping. So as a baby, you would need 16 hours of sleep, while as a 65-year old, you may need only 6 hours of sleep. A normal adult needs five to eight hours of sleep to keep them healthy and fresh.

It is said that before the invention of color television, most of the people used to get dreams in black and white. The color television also seems to have added colors to people having dreams. It is said that getting dreams when you sleep is normal. Only people with personality disorders do not get dreams when they sleep. Your sleeping position also says a lot about your personality. Check this infographic to find out what it is. If you do not sleep for ten days, it might kill you too!

Facts about sleep

Facts About Sleep

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