The Best Facial Hair in Marketing

The Best Facial Hair in Marketing 1

What type of facial hair do you like? If you are a man then you might think that something is good looking, but from the woman’s perspective it might be completely different. But despite that, facial hair is one of the things which have lots of varieties and one can choose them. In fact, it depends upon your facial structure which type of hair will suit you. This is true, as well as this, that all kinds of facial hair have been tried and tested.

In this infographic, “The Best Facial Hair in Marketing”, Koozai has compiled a few beards which are termed to be the best facial hair in the marketing. It is a part of their “Movember” issue. All of these pictures here belong to fifty members who were nominated by Koozai itself. A vote is now going on to determine the winner of this nomination.

This is perhaps the best display of different kinds of facial hair. You might get a few ideas for facial hair with this infographic. It is the best way to find the ideal facial hair for your friend as well. You can also check out how trendy your favorite stars are. It is one of the most innovative ideas that are out there.

Gone are the days when fashion was only for women. Now everyone is taking care of themselves which is definitely a good thing. The infographic here can give you some great tips on trimming your beard.


It is very to the point. No additional information.


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As part of Movember, Koozai have compiled an infographic of people with the best facial hair in marketing. The 50 nominees were suggested by their (Koozai) community, and they are now holding a vote to determine the winner.

Beard Infographic

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