Faceoff: Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party Movement

Over the past few years the world has seen several forms of revolutions. Firstly, the Occupy wall street, and another, the Tea Party Movement. Both of these seem to be based on the same grounds but are a class apart in their demands. The Occupy Wall Street consists majorly of independent party supporters and there are people in there who belong to majorly the youth section of the society, whereas, the Tea Party movement has seen people from mainly the senior section of the society. They are the wealthier ones and most of them are retired republicans. They constitute the racists and the wealthy above the age of 45 crowd of America, who are mostly tired of tax payments. The occupy crowd on the other hand are the youths whose degrees hold no value in future and most of them are angry at the government for snatching away their right at a peaceful future. Not to mention that most of them voted for Obama.

All these information is embedded in this “Faceoff: Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party Movement” infographic. Take a very good look at it, as some extremely vital truths about both the parties has been written on this infographic. Before you subscribe to any one of these posts, you should judge the sides yourselves. Another thing is that, the crowd in the occupy movement is actually the more educated among the two, whereas, the Tea Party movement has more of the wealthier crowd.

Also, people are more in number in the Occupy movement than the Tea Party movement.


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Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party Movement

Image Source: Accelerated Degree Programs

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