Facebook’s 500 Million Members

By now everyone knows that Facebook is the only social media network with the largest population. It will soon reach a billion members. This infographic clearly represents the number of users that Facebook is having and in what ways.
It has the maximum members of age group 13 to 15 – this means that the majority of Facebook users are the ones who have recently become teenagers. No wonder the high usage of memes and troll posts – these are kids who just want to have some fun time.
However, there is also a group of members of age range 55-65. Even the older population cannot help but indulge in this addictive social media site. This infographic shows the age group and the countries which have the oldest population on Facebook. It also lists the name of the countries that have the youngest population.
It even depicts which part of the world has the highest number of Facebook members. It neatly puts together the entire membership details on Facebook – the largest platform provided for social networking online.
Facebook is by far equal on the gender ratio as well as according to this infographic, it does have an equal percentage of males and females. Check this out.
Courtesy: mashable.com

Facebook Infographic

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