Facebook Privacy Infographic: 6 Years of Controversy

Facebook has changed, rather revolutionized the way people look at social interactions and use the online space. It has also raised many security concerns overtime. Facebook privacy is usually at risk for people who do not use privacy options effectively. In this infographic titled, “Facebook Privacy Info graphic: 6 Years of Controversy”, you will see the list of legitimate privacy concerns raised.

Many online stalkers usually gain unwanted access to the information you display and gain information about you. This is one of the major security threats online. Especially young children and teens who use Facebook carelessly posting pictures and sharing their locations are at a major risk. Checking into a variety of locations is not advisable for anyone using the online space.

Nothing that is online ever gets deleted. Therefore, it is important that you use your sense of logic and caution while posting anything online. Every new app that you use on Facebook is always trying to gain full access to your personal information that you post via Facebook. Therefore, whether you have posted your physical address on Facebook or not, if you start using the location feature, your home location will be displayed for everyone to view. This is one of the biggest privacy concerns on Facebook. Online social networking is a space where people post a lot of personal information that is unnecessary; and this infographic does a noble cause of pointing them out to us, so we can be a lot more careful.


A chronology of all features and concerns related to Facebook.


Focused only on one or two privacy concerns when there are many.

Facebook Privacy 6 Years of Controversy

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