Facebook 2010 The Saga Continues

Facebook has completely changed the face of our generation’s communication. Ten years back, who knew our world will be taken up by storm with this popular social media network? Thousands of businesses today rely on Facebook; people know their relatives better now with the help of Facebook. The point is– Facebook that has come to be such a huge part of our lives, but how did it get started?
Find out how Facebook has grown in all these years. Each year with its new developments and functional improvements, it proves that it is here to stay. In January 2010 it had added its new “About me” feature and the new privacy feature “public” was added. These new additions meant that the person could no longer hide what they like, share and post about. These changes had attracted a few negative feedbacks from the users, yet the number of users since then had risen to 400 million – a record number for Facebook at that time.
The ‘like’ button on comments section as not added until June 2010. But before that, in May, Facebook realized that bigger the picture, the better it is for people to notice them. Needless to say, just within August 2010, the number of Facebook users rose by leaps and bounds to over 900 million.
This beautifully designed infographic has recorded this very eventful year for Facebook in a very organized manner. Share the interesting piece of info with your friends and family.

Facebook Infographic

Courtesy: flowtown.com

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