Expert Jeans Styling Tips for Short Women

Expert Jeans Styling Tips for Short Women 1

“You will have to alter it”, “It is too long for you”, “You will not fit into these” – a few of the sentences that short women have to hear now and then while shopping! “Petite” is the commonly used term for women who are 5’4” or below it. But who says short women cannot make a style statement wherever they go? Ladies jeans are regular wear that can be styled in various ways if one picks up the right pair of accessories and shirts. Following the rule books of the fashion school, can help one in identifying all the ways of impeccable styling.

The experts say half the effort on styling outfits reduces if one spends enough time in buying the trendiest and in-fashion apparel. To shop for the best in the market, try getting your hands on the trendy jeans by Freakins. The website has curated the most alluring pieces of denim clothing and ladies’ jeans. From boyfriends’ jeans to the skinny fits, one can get it all at reasonable prices. Enjoy the comfort of stylish outfits by following the tips of the experts in the fashion industry.

Expert Jeans Styling Tips for Short Women 2

Style ladies jeans to enjoy all day long comfort while making a style statement.

Perfect Women Jeans for Petite Women

Ladies jeans selection becomes a difficult task for short women. Most of them either have to alter their jeans or fold it upside down after wearing them. Some also like to leave it like that, wrinkled at the ankle. But when it comes stylizing, these small detailing have to be taken care of! Let us first understand which pair of jeans will be perfect for short women.

Flare Jeans

Different stylists come up with different opinions when it comes to Flare ladies jeans. But if one chooses the perfect fit and design, it will be the perfect companion for short women. The wide hem of ladies jeans must fall perfectly on the ankles, neither too short nor too long! Find the best shades and lenient fit to enjoy styling them with amazing accessories.

Boyfriends’ Jeans

Boyfriends’ jeans are trending these days as more and more women are preferring this mismatched fit of bottoms. Most of these pairs of jeans have ankle cuffs that offer a good grip on the legs. However, short women should avoid picking up too slouchy and baggy ones that fall heavily on the feet.

High-Waist Jeans

High-waist jeans and crop tops are for short women who love keeping their outfits simple yet chic. However, the waistline of these jeans must not be too high above the navel as the final look will not look good, especially with crop and short tops. Do not go for tight-fitting as it will squeeze the curves and too loose will keep sliding down. Therefore, be careful with the size.

Boot-Cut Straight Jeans

Boot-cut jeans have become every girl’s favourite these days with their perfect fits and comfortable embrace. The roomy leg cuts on the boot are balanced and rounded, making the ladies jeans look adorable on petite women.

Skinny Fit Jeans

Skinny fits are not new in the fashion market but are always in with different designs, patterns, etc. Ripped and distressed jeans being the favourite of every woman have been ruling the industry for years now. Buy the latest patterns and colours to uplift the fashion game in every event and outing.

Styling tips from the Fashion Enthusiasts

  • Avoid wearing long tops or t-shirts on any of the ladies jeans. Long upper garments will cover the upper thigh, making the legs look shorter. Always wear perfect fitting tops that end at the waistline.
  • Always tuck in the shirt and fasten it with a belt in case of formal wear. It will not only enhance the look but also makes petite women look visually taller.
  • Try ruffle tops with pumps or high heels. It is one of the best party wear outfits that one can pull off nicely with subtle makeup and defined hairstyles. The ones with sheer or net sleeves look amazing with ripped ladies jeans.
  • Never wear knee-length boots with ladies jeans. Ankle-lengths are fine, but the knee-lengths do not complement short women, it makes them look drowned in the boots.
  • Wear crop tops as much as possible by clubbing them with sheer chiffon shrugs, jackets, pullovers and overcoats, etc.
  • Choose the length of all the clothes very carefully. Know the proper sizes of bottoms and tops to ensure perfect fits.

Fashion is for everyone, irrespective of the height, size or shape that we come in! Make the most of available garments and apparel by matching them in a balanced way. Too much of anything looks bad, and every woman must follow the rule books of style to be perfect at it! Yes, fashion is also about creativity, but not every idea goes down the lane. Shop from the right places and wear the right sizes. Enjoy experimenting with different outfits to look the best of the rest!

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