The Most Expensive Furniture

The Most Expensive Furniture 1

Several months ago–we cannot recall exactly when, where, how or why–we came across an article about a bathroom (toilet, sink and bathtub) that was made completely out of chocolate and costing almost as much as a home itself. This may describe a variation of a famous saying, “Those who can’t, do; those who can, do extremely stupid and wasteful things”.

However, this may not be necessarily the case with “The Most Expensive Furniture” infographic. Although they are expensive, the furniture and appliances do serve some useful function (and do not need to be replaced every few months, as did the chocolate bathroom, according to that article).

For example, there is a mattress shown here that costs £37,880 (now about $58,672). Even though it is extremely expensive–and costs as much as do most cars–it does allow you to sleep. Whether it allows you to sleep better is perhaps subjective and questionable but that does not negate its intrinsic purpose.

Perhaps at the other end of the spectrum is a glass fireplace. “Glass” and “fireplace” do not seem to go well so the function and purpose of this is questionable, but it does appear relatively affordable, especially if you are remodeling your home.

What is certainly questionable is the intelligence of anyone who purchases the listed dragon’s chair or badminton cabinet. It does take some acumen to earn large sums of money, so it certainly would be a great waste to spend many millions of pounds or dollars for these things.

Likes: Interesting pieces of furniture.

Dislikes: Most of us can only dream of owning them.

The Most Expensive Furniture 2
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  1. Today mostly people like to decorate his house. This post show nice furniture with it’s price list. Recently i was built in my new house so that’s helpful to choose and buy a some useful furniture.


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