Exciting Online Rummy Game Variants to Indulge for Fun and Income


Card games have an interesting history and they have evolved over the centuries. People have been playing the game in different formats over centuries as it gives them great joy and satisfaction.

It also inculcates in them sportive spirit, which is very essential to lead a good life.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, rummy, originally rhum, first appeared in the 1900s and has become generic for the whole group.

Rummy games are exciting and based on a simple mechanism and a simple object of play. Rummy online on adda52rummy adds thrill and bulges your purse.

Choices on Offer for Rummy Players

Rummy is next only to Poker in popularity and rules of the game vary from country to country. You will generally come across variants like Traditional Rummy, Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy and Indian Marriage Rummy.

Traditional  Rummy

Traditional Rummy is believed to be more than 200 years old and is popular even today. It is basically a draw-and-discard card game that can be played between 2 and 6 players. It has all elements of fun and skill and hence, it is the most preferred game. Visitors to casinos and clubs opt for Traditional Rummy.

In Traditional Rummy, the player only needs to match the 10 cards in hand with the remaining ones in the stack. The one who forms a set of similar or sequential cards first, will be the winner.

Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy gets its name because of some modifications brought in by Indians in the rules. Most casinos and clubs in India offer Indian Rummy on their tables and the crowd is an indication of its popularity in the country. Indian Rummy is a combination of fun, excitement and traditional touch.

Players will get 13 cards and the player has to form a good combination of cards and get rid of the unmatched cards. The person, who makes the best combination, emerges the winner. The three most popular Indian Rummy variants are Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy.

Rummy 500

Rummy 500 is also called Persian Rummy or pinochle rummy and some features are different from Traditional Rummy. Though it is played just like the other rummy, it has some distinctive features. In Rummy 500, each player scores the value of the sets he melds, in addition to the usual points for going out and for cards caught in other player’s hands. As the name itself suggests, the game is won by the first player who achieves a cumulative score of 500 or more over a series of hands.

The game will bring in a lot of thrill and fun when played by three or a maximum of five people. One who forms the best melds is declared as the winner for that particular hand.

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy played all over the world as the player can win a lot of money. Besides, it is interesting and a lot of fun is involved. Gin Rummy is usually played between two people, with one deck of cards each.

Contract Rummy

Contract Rummy deals involve seven rounds. For every round, there is a requirement for a different contract wherein the players need to collect a certain combination of sequences and groups which are then permitted to meld. As the game progress, the contracts become very demanding on every deal.

Contract Rummy is best played when there are three or five players are involved. It is considered optimum when four are playing. This game is generally played with two decks of 52 cards each with Jokers.

The first four rounds provide the players with 10 cards and the last three rounds will ensure the players receive 12 cards. The remaining cards at the end of the deal are placed downwards facing the table. This results in the stock pile in which the top card facing up becomes the discard pile.

Indian Marriage Rummy

Indian Marriage Rummy or 21-card Rummy is played with 3 or more packs of cards. The objective is to remain the player with the maximum number of points even after playing all hands. The game is quite challenging and needs expertise and experience.

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