Exams Approaching? Make Sure You Don’t Regret These 5 decisions

Here are 5 decisions you should never make before your exams!

When it comes to preparing for an exam, students plan and follow their own strategy. While the approach may differ, students must make a note of all the necessary things that should be avoided before the examination. These things are common for every student, regardless of their way of revising and learning.

Here are 5 decisions you should never make before your exams!
Here are 5 decisions you should never make before your exams!

Avoiding Self-Preparation Strategies and Not Planning

Not everyone has the same capability to study. Some students are good with concept retention, some have excellent analytical skills, while others have other valuable characteristics. Each student is exceptional in this regard and recognizing the best study method for them is a crucial part of the preparation process. When you create your preparation plans, it generates more positive results and gives you a boost of confidence in your skills.

Avoiding Online Test and Mock Series

Rather than just learning a subject or topic, you should also attempt to take online tests after completing a particular topic or subject. When you are done taking several mock tests, you will be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you will get better awareness as which subject or topic needs more attention.This will help in making a robust preparation plan. The mock test also helps you to improve your paper solving speed, enables you to assess your level of preparation and makes you familiar with the exam pattern. All these things help you in their vision which in turn increases your confidence. Practice a mock test for NEET and see how you score in it to get an understanding of how you need to start preparing. If you have signed up with any of the new-age digital learning aids Aakash iTutor, make sure you integrate them in the study plan as well.

Ignoring Subjects

What do most students tend to do when there is too much to study, and one subject seems difficult or irrelevant? They ignore it! When it comes to preparing for an exam like NEET, many candidates feel that it is okay to avoid studying for one subject if they prepare for other subjects to their best extent. They think they can balance out the weaker subjects with the subjects they excel in. This strategy, however, is quite unfavorable and results in a performance that is not up to the mark. Students must study all subjects when they are preparing for NEET and allot more time to subjects they find difficult so that they can improve their overall performance.

Hectic Schedule

The most significant mistake students commit during exam time is that they do not sleep well. You may believe that the more time you spend studying, the better you will perform in the exam and the more you will be able to cover the syllabus. However, sacrificing on sleep affects your retention and completely exhausts you. To get the best results, it is beneficial to take 5 to 10-minute breaks and not let your study schedule affect your daily routine for sleep, food and other human needs.

Delaying Tactics

Do not leave your preparation for tomorrow. Change this attitude, before it turns to be the biggest disadvantage. When it comes to your career, you always need to think practically and rationally. To minimize the burden, believe in studying today and winning tomorrow. Many candidates follow ‘last minute preparation tips’ to crack exams. These tips do not work unless you are already prepared and are utilizing the tips only for revision.

There is nothing to fear about exams if you are fixated on your preparations. Though some exams are difficult to crack, knowing the do’s and don’ts for them can assist you to move in the right direction. If you avoid the mistakes mentioned above, nothing can stop you from scoring well and achieving your dream. All the best!