Infographic: Evolution of the Coupon

Interestingly, coupons do have a history. If you thought coupons were a modern day marketing and promotion invention, you will be surprised to know, coupons were invented in 1894 by Asa Candler. He first sent out handwritten coupons for a free glass of Coke to market this soft drink. In this infographic titled, “Infographic: Evolution of the Coupon” you will see how coupons entered the market and have evolved into printed coupons that still work till date.

“Those who we call old were good at many things.” This is true for this infographic as you will see how coupons, which will always remain to be a smart choice to save some cash, was actually invented ages ago and has still not died any death due to any new marketing gimmicks. In the 1930’s, which was the depression era, many families survived by using coupons to buy groceries. Since then, from 1940’s till today, many supermarkets are using coupons to attract customers.

You will be surprised to know, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars by clipping coupons. Nearly 65% of the shoppers, both online and offline, use coupons to get discounts and goodies. Now that we are the in digital age, coupons have also become digital. You can buy coupons online and get discounts for your purchases online. When you use social media effectively, by sharing coupons, and getting your friends to like pages, etc, you will get the added benefit to get discounts on coupons.


History of coupons and the evolution since its advent, a good info for any random user.


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Coupon Infographic

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