Every Bride’s Wedding Dress Checklist

No matter however busy or chaotic a marriage be or feel, that big day is sure to be crammed with romance. It’s a marriage, after all! However before the big day, finding the perfect wedding dress and getting it altered to the letter can seem like one of the biggest hurdle in a bride’s wedding planning process. With shoes, lingerie, fittings and, of course, finding the actual gown it can be quite the undertaking. We have created a wedding dress checklist that covers every gown-related task a bride must go through.

Please go through the below checklist and start for your preparation at one. I bet you don’t want to miss any of the below list:

  • If you have at least a year before your big day, we encourage you to search for some inspiration. Browse through magazines looking for gorgeous gowns that will work with the fabulous wedding venue and with the groom’s outfit.
  • If time allows, start searching for dresses about 10 months before your big day so that you can have enough time to search for the actual dress and the fittings.
  • If you’re buying a made-to-order dress from a salon, you need to order it with about 10 cushion, as it can take up to nine months to perfect.
  • It is better to your wedding-day lingerie and other accessories at least two months before the big day. You’ll need to wear them to your first dress fitting so you can be able to nail the fit and length.
  • Pick out your something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue about a month before your wedding. Take them to your fittings if necessary. You can schedule this for four weeks before you say “I do.”
  • Two weeks before your wedding, have your final fitting. Don’t forget your accessories and shoes.
  • With just mere days before your wedding, if you haven’t done so already, pick up your dress be sure and try it on before leaving the store to guarantee its fit.
  • The night before the big day, prepare a wedding-day emergency kit. Don’t forget fashion tape, safety pins, mints, and needle and thread that matches your dress, just in case!
  • Keep hope! You will try on a number of dresses and the process is tiring on the body, mind and soul. Also remember that wedding gowns run small and that salons often have only sample sizes in house.
  • You need to decide if you’re paying for the attire of others. You may need to do that if you want all to dress alike, unless they can afford the attire themselves.
  • Go to the hair dresser for a consultation and check hairstyle which perfectly with your gown.
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So all the would be brides, just follow the above checklist for your big day and it will make sure that you do not miss any of the important thing on your special day. It is indeed a better option to follow the checklist to avoid any mishaps, because it is better to be aware of things lately. Good Luck!

Infographic created by http://www.weddingdressesguide.com/

Wedding Day Photo Checklist
Wedding Day Photo Checklist

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