European Smartphone Market Grows 41% in Past Year

As the saying goes “There’s always the room at the top “. The mobile industry also saw the ups and downs of various kind of mobile available in the market .First it all started with a normal mobile with features of calling and messaging. Then new features were added to it and colouring display came into existence. Then came the era of phones where one can browse and email also through mobile. With the advancement in technology and the growing demand of consumers, companies started developing different OS for the phones. And with these the era of smartphone began.

The European smartphone market is growing swiftly with growth rate of 41% .With just 43,053,000 smartphone users in July 2009 it has gone to 60,850,000 in July 2010.Everyone wanted to have a hand on changing technology in the mobile .Now it also changed the purpose of using mobile .People started using mobile for surfing, access news and information, playing games, and also to access social networking site.

The different OS available are Symbian, Apple IOS, Android, RIM, and Microsoft. With Symbian being the leader .And with the increasing popularity of Android mobile and Apples IPhone Symbian have started losing its market share.

So now the era of smartphone has begun, So start getting accustomed to new smartphones available in the market and move ahead with the technology.


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