Etiquettes for Wearing Jewelry in Weddings

Etiquettes for Wearing Jewelry in Weddings 1

Etiquettes for Wearing Jewelry in Weddings 2

Weddings are the best occasions to put your gorgeous look forward. However, there are some things, you as a wedding guest should know. Especially, when wearing jewelry, you should follow certain etiquette. That doesn’t mean you should not look your best. Well, there are some jewelry pieces you should strictly avoid to ensure that the wedding couple doesn’t get overshadowed. Therefore, it is important to follow some basic etiquette for picking the right pieces before heading to attend a wedding. 

Let’s get started…..

1. A big NO to Statement Pieces:

On special occasions of the wedding, only the married couple should grab all limelight. Thus, the bold jewelry pieces that stand out should be reserved for the bride and not for the guests. As a guest, your jewelry can be trendy but should not be too attention-seeking. Whatever pieces you pick should not clash with the bride’s look. 

2. Go for Smaller Options:

It is important to remember that the wedding is about a couple tying the knot. So, they should always remain the center of attraction. For guests, it is advisable to wear dainty gold necklace models. Moreover, you can also turn to pearls. Wearing pearls as a wedding guest is a superb idea. These classic neckpieces are subtle yet statement-making. It will set your style far apart from the rest of the crowd and also the bride. 

3. Look for Classic Pieces: 

 If you are about to attend a wedding whose theme is unconventional, then consider donning traditional accessories that are subtle. Replace chunky pieces with small pendant necklaces and stud earrings. Pearls fit the best in this category. Depending upon your personal preferences you can opt for fine pieces that let the bride and groom grab all attention.  

4. Some additional Tips:

  • Go for different jewelry styles and colors depending upon the time of the event. For a daytime wedding, go for delicate pieces such as sterling silver or pearls. Furthermore, for evening wedding parties, lighter and vibrant hues in gold or stone studded are appropriate. Diamond gold nose ring designs are appealing for evening events. If you are a matchy-matchy kinda lady then you need to up your desire. This is because matching everything from head to toe is something obsolete and looks dreary. Therefore, it is better to pick fun pieces that create a contrasting effect. 
  • Coordinate your jewelry with your outfit. If your dress has got a lot of detailing, vibrant colors, or prints, opt for minimal jewelry pieces. And if you are going to wear high-necked dresses, it is better to avoid a neckpiece and rather consider wearing a bracelet and earrings.
  • Conservative outfits demand colorful and glitzy jewelry. Your simple or plain outfits when paired with personalized jewelry pieces create a distinct appeal. 

So, next time when you are invited as a wedding guest, stick to appropriate accessories. The jewelry etiquettes save you from throwing an awkward look or outshining the bride and groom. 

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