Essential Add-ons to Buy With Car Insurance Policy as Per Your Requirements

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Car Insurance

Car insurance is very helpful. You need to have the right kind of cover to ensure you have the highest level of protection at all times. In certain cases, a basic car insurance plan is not sufficient. You need to add riders, also known as add-on covers, to the basic plan to make it more flexible. Take a look at this article to learn about the different riders and how they can be of use to you.

Essential riders that you must get

Here’s a list of the essential motor insurance riders that are worth checking out:

1. Zero depreciation car insurance rider

Every car depreciates with time and falls in value. So, after a few days or months of purchase, if you make a claim, you don’t get the full amount from the insurance provider as the last insured amount. This is because you get the depreciated value of your vehicle. Thus, the difference needs to be borne by the insured.

However, if you buy the zero depreciation car insurance rider, you stay protected from this. No matter when you claim, it is always paid on the last IDV (Insured Declared Value) if your car without any depreciation being attached to it.

2. Engine protection rider:

The engine protection rider is another very beneficial add-on cover. In a regular car insurance policy, there is no coverage available for damages of faults occurring in the engine. If there are any repairs, you have to foot the bill yourself. However, if you opt for the engine protection rider when you buy car insurance online, you can easily make a claim for all engine-related issues. This helps you to save money and also to keep the engine in a good and working condition always.

3. Roadside assistance rider:

Among the most commonly bought car insurance add-on covers is the roadside assistance and towing rider. When you have this rider, you do not have to worry about getting stuck in a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere! If such a thing happens, you simply have to make a phone call to your insurance provider. The insurer will then send a towing vehicle to you and your car will be towed to the nearest network garage. This is an extremely helpful rider that you must consider getting.

4. Personal belongings rider:

At times, you travel in your car with large volumes of personal belongings including clothes, electronic goods, documents, etc. If there is an accident, you lose these valuable belongings. A personal belongings car insurance rider can help you by compensating you for losses incurred.

5. Return to invoice rider:

The return to invoice rider is a useful rider as it helps you to make a full claim when you need to replace the vehicle. Let us assume you do not have this rider. Then if your car gets stolen, you will only get a partial reimbursement, based on the IDV of the lost vehicle. This amount may not be enough. If you have the Return to Invoice rider, you can make a full claim and get the ex-showroom price of the car if it faces total loss.

These are some of the most popular car insurance riders available in the market presently. There are other riders too, so you must evaluate each Add-on and see which ones serve you the best.

In conclusion

A motor insurance rider is of immense advantage. You, therefore, should consider getting the ones that you need when you get car insurance online. You will have to pay a slightly higher premium but it will be good coverage. So, check out the available riders and buy the ones that suit you the best.

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