Epic Retail Fails 2011

Epic Retail Fails 2011 1

There are certain mistakes, miscalculations, and wrong moves certain retail stores have made and had no choice but shut down in time. Many brand stores, online and offline, did make some guffaws and had to face some penalty from search engine giants like Google for the misuse of seo techniques for online marketing their brands. In this infographic titled “Epic Retail Fails 2011” you will see the list of brands that failed and also the reasons why they failed to make a mark in the market.

Missoni is one of the popular fashion brands that had to shut down because; they couldn’t cater to producing massive quantity requested by their customers. Soon, the website had to shut down because it couldn’t take the orders from customers or fulfill them in time. Sometimes, being a good brand alone is not enough.

Sustainability also matters when it comes to retailing. Yet another brand is jcpenney.com. This is an online retailer that sells all kinds of products, right from home décor to clothes and accessories for people of all age groups. Google sued this site for using black hat seo techniques and using paid links to gain popularity. The popular lingerie brand, Victoria’s secret also failed to make a mark because one of the sales person burned the damaged piece in full view of the customers. Yet another mistake of Netflix was creating Qwikster for users to purchase DVD’s online. It marked to be an epic fail in 2011.


Insights on why certain brands failed.


None as such.

Epic Retail Fails 2011 2

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