Employees Are Paying THIS Much to Live Next to Unicorn Startups in S.F.

With monthly rent being due for most San Francisco residents today​ in the Nation’s most expensive rental market, RadPad, the mobile rental payment app, decided to take a look at how much income (after taxes) employees at Unicorns in the Bay area (& beyond) are forking over to live and work near Uber, Airbnb and Square (while comparing against incumbents like Google & Salesforce). Because at current rent prices, even tech engineers are feeling it in the pocket.

Specifically, RadPad took a look at median 1BR apartment prices within a .5 mile radius of these companies HQ’s, while also comparing with Unicorns like Snapchat in other markets like LA, and with the help of recruiting startup Anthology, calculated which companies’ employees (mid-senior level engineers) will be paying the highest percentage of their monthly income/salaries tomorrow to rent within walking distance of their employer.

Those worse off in the pocket tomorrow? Airbnb and Square engineers. [via]

Rent in San Francisco


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