Emmy Nominees with Oscar Nods

Barbra Streisand comes to mind.

There are some individuals who are so gifted in such a wide variety of fields that they win almost every award that has been created. Acting may be just acting but even within that, there are several subspecialties such as film, television and stage. On the other hand, acting may not be just acting. Some of us have applied to be an extra on a film, and did not pass the interview stage for a non-speaking role! Those who can, do. Those who cannot have to write about it. Or words to that effect.

Those who can form the idea behind the “Emmy Nominees with Oscar Nods” infographic. It shows the 15 Emmy-nominated actors in the year 2011 who have also been nominated for an Oscar. This, in itself, is revealing and surprising. It is not evenly divided but is dominated by women who make up 9 of the 15 people.

It is also not easy to win either, and certainly not both, of these awards. Just ask Susan Lucci. She was nominated for an Emmy almost every single year from 1978 to 2002 for her on the soap opera All My Children yet won just once, and that was toward the very end of her time on the show.

A similar person (and one shown on the infographic) is Kathy Bates who was nominated for 9 Emmys (as of 2011) and won none. On the other hand, she did win one of three Oscar nominations. A similar lucky (and/or unlucky) actress is Laura Linney who won 75% of her Emmy nominations, yet won no Oscars for her three nominations there.

Likes: The graphics are nice and help to assimilate the desired information.

Dislikes: It could have been more comprehensive and better if Broadway and music awards were also included.

Emmy Nominees with Oscar Nods

Courtesy: Emmys.com

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