A Game Changer Product by Edelweiss Tokio Life – Wealth Plus Ulip Plan



Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance launched its new product “Wealth Plus” live on Twitter on November 18th, 2017. This product launch was held at Edelweiss Group House, Mumbai. The launch was filled with bloggers and speakers from the finance industry and some big names from Edelweiss itself. Edelweiss Tokio Life insurance’s MD and CEO, Deepak Mittal was himself present for this occasion as a support system for his team to acknowledge this “unyakeenable” product.

The product launch was kick-started by a brief introduction from the MD and CEO, Deepak Mittal regarding the inception of Edelweiss firm and how it developed in the coming years and is now a pioneer in the Insurance market. Also, in his introduction, he mentioned that the product “Wealth Plus” is aimed at wealth creation where longer the policyholder invests, the more the firm will contribute to his/her funds. Such an exciting introduction was enough to wait for the details of the entire product eagerly.

After the CEO, one of the members of the Edelweiss panel, Mr. Subhrajit, threw some light on the product and how it was different from the other products available in the market. The explanation and the real-life case studies portrayed by him were absolutely spot on, and the product really looked a definite “unyakeenable” option for everyone. Then the podium was set to unveil the main product. The product has a unique feature where if the policyholder has taken a 20 year’s plan, so the company, i.e., Edelweiss will also contribute some amount to the account of the policyholder.

Figuratively speaking, if one decides to invest 100 rupees for 20 years, the company will contribute 1% of the annual premium every year in the first 5 years; again 3% for the next 6-10 years; 5% for the 11-15 years and further increasing to 7% for the final 5 years. The total amount contributed by Edelweiss will be 80% of one annual premium invested. The plan also has many benefits like Rising Star benefit which will make sure that the money invested is secure if any mishap takes place in your life, making your child’s future secure.

Moreover, after a very interesting session by the Edelweiss team, questions from the bloggers were answered by the team. The team made sure that all the questions or queries were cleared about the product. Also as it was live streaming on Twitter, the crowd was so enthusiastic that they made the product launch trending on Twitter. The product is indeed an unmatched product in the insurance business. It could well be said as a revolutionary move by the Edelweiss team for bringing such an awesome insurance plan.

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