Eccentric Gifts You Can Give Your Friend this Wedding Season

Gifts for Wedding Season

As the wedding season approaches, you must be on the lookout for eccentric gifts to make your friend’s wedding day even more fun. After all, being a good friend and giving them a gift to remember is a way of showing them how important they are to you. However, finding the ideal wedding gift is always overwhelming, and when it is for a friend, there is more pressure to find the perfect gift.

You do not just need to find the ideal present for your friend; you also need one that will signify the bond you have shared over the past years and match your friend’s preferences too.

The most eccentric gifts are often the ones that are loved the most and cherished for years to come. So, if you are looking for an unusual yet sophisticated wedding gift for your friend, you can choose from these striking home décor items.

Leafy Gift

Banana Leaf Home Accent (Set of 2)
Banana Leaf Home Accent (Set of 2)

We all know that home is an extension of personal style. So, why not gift your sophisticated friend an accent piece of home décor item to add an understated glamour to their table setting. Cast in iron sheet, this set of banana leaf with a matte brass finish is the best gift to give your friend for their wedding. They can combine these with fresh foliage in a glass decanter for the perfect setup!


Ananas Jar

Mirage Ananas Jar
Mirage Ananas Jar

Elegant home décor items always make up for great wedding gifts. Get this contemporary, classy looking jar which is a one of a kind statement piece that will add aesthetic vibe to your friend’s home. For the friend who loves playing the host, this décor piece is a must-have.

Pot for Plants

Serai Planter
Serai Planter

If you don’t want to gift something usual to the happy couple, then look at this geometric planter that will make a great table accessory. Send joy to your plant lover friend with this gift and always remind your friend of your love and care. Even if your friend is not big on gardening, they might find this interesting as it makes for a great piece of home decor!

Funky Photo Frame

Memory Photo Frame
Memory Photo Frame

These metal frames have been designed to fit in neatly in all parts of the house that the happy couple would like to plant with memories. With clean lines finished in a pleasing gold, this one’s perfect as a wedding gift. Not only this, a memory photo frame is sure to brighten up their new living room space or become part of fun and festive decorations for their first party as a married couple.

We hope that now you are ready to select the perfect wedding gift that will leave your friend talking for years. From home décor items to cushions, look to websites like Nicobar for sophisticated wedding gift options. This premium lifestyle brand lets you choose from a wide range of gifts. You can select a gift of your choice and get it delivered to your friend’s house, with a personalized note!


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