E-Reader vs. Print Books

E-Reader vs. Print Books 1

Nowadays, many of us have been shifting to eBooks rather than the common printed books found in the market. Some of the more traditional ones still prefer to read the printed books, while those who are more upbeat about technology have happily shifted to reading eBooks. The reason is simple: eBooks are far cheaper than the printed books. You can read two books for the price of one. But price is not the only thing that matters. An eBook gives you a reading experience unlike ever before. Such an experience can only be indulged in with pleasure. Does E-Reader provide that pleasure? This is what we are to gauge through this infographic “E-Reader vs. Print Books” – it has aimed to bring together the pros and cons of reading on either side.

From iPad to Kindle Reader, we have eBooks everywhere and some of them are also available for free. This is a huge advantage – you can read two-three books at a time, without having to carry all those books with you at hand. You can carry all these books on your iPad or any smartphone even for that matter. You can still cherish the literary feel – the words aren’t changing; only the medium in which you read them is. There will be more for the E-Readers in future. They will be facilitated with more technology to help them read.


The infographic is very visually pleasant. It is fun to read and the points are presented in an interesting manner.


Nothing as such.

In the graphic, titled “Book Buzz”, you’ll find information about e-reader market share, sales figures, but more interestingly, how e-readers stack up to print books. For instance, and a little surprising, only 15% of e-reader owners actually stop purchasing print books.

E-Reader vs. Print Books 2

Image Credit: RetailMeNot

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