Drivers of Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity and Inclusion

Talent managers should make workforce diversity and inclusion the goal of every company. Their aim should be to create a difference with a diverse workforce- employees of all abilities, creeds, and experiences. Hiring and making a difference in the lives of your employees can bring in great victories. The diverse environment gives an opportunity to communicate and advance in diverse markets. As a result, the business will get developed in the global market.

Let’s get straight into the facts

In 2012, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received 26, 379 disability employment bias claims.

Since 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has received over 45,000 complaints that are directly related to racial discrimination.

48% of new mothers said they were overlooked for career advancement because they had children.

3 Action points for all the talent managers to build a diverse and inclusive culture at the workplace-


Educate the employees to bring a change. Aware them about the impact on the individuals caused by the unconscious bias.

Offer Diversity Training

Such training helps employees recognize how cultural variations can impact how people work, and socialize at work.

Flexibility with cultural holidays

Inclusivity can be fostered with the acknowledgment of upcoming religious and cultural holidays. This is another way to embrace a diverse workforce.

The whitepaper E3- Workforce Diversity and Inclusion by Top CHRO will make the organizations welcome and value diversity. This is enough to boost the brain of the talent managers who will be aware of the plethora of benefits of hiring people from all walks of like. Your doubts on the importance of diversity will be cleared and you will be determined to embrace diversity across all aspects of your company and processes.

Download the whitepaper to apprehend the significance of hiring employees of diverse backgrounds and encouraging diversity initiatives. Always remember to create awareness of gender diversity, to facilitate gender balance support and to maintain work-life balance.

Make your workplace a better place for all!

Workforce diversity and Inclusion

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