Infographic: Do You Know Who’s Watching You?

Surveillance is one of the major privacy concerns, especially in countries like the U.S and U.K. Apps from Google like Google Buzz and Street View have made it impossible for people to have their own private lives. As much as this is true that anyone and anything can be put under scanner, you as an individual do not own your own private life. Many people reported to Google to remove their private pictures that have been captured through software. In this infographic titled,” Info graphic: Do You Know Who’s Watching You” you will see how since the advent of Facebook in 2005, the privacy concerns are only on an increase.

Though most of the social networking sites have apps that keep your information open to most of the databases, you must, as a user, be careful about what you post online. It is also said that in the U.S., many CCTV cameras are installed and all the activities of the citizens are captured through it.

Most of the online users are not even aware that their personal information is accessed by a variety of apps they use. In this infographic, it is also mentioned that Facebook ensures that you keep all your information on Facebook up to date or else they might delete your account! That should be scary enough for anyone who values their privacy.


Information about privacy concerns online. Gives an insight on how Google uses user data.


Does not have precise information covering everything.

Do You Know Who's Watching You on Google?



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