Death Icons in Different Cultures

Death Icons in Different Cultures 1

Symbolism in different culture related to death, heaven, afterlife, rebirth, etc, is depicted through this info graphics. Skulls, bones, raven, owl, certain birds, tress, places, etc are symbolic to death. In this infographic titled, “Death Icons in Different Cultures,” you will see about symbolism about death in different cultures.

When it comes to symbolizing death, there are certain things like the coffin, cypress trees, skull, skeleton, the color black, etc that bear significance of a life coming to an end. There are certain omens of death in different cultures, such as, banshees, Osiris, grim reaper, etc. Over many years these symbols have been used in the television and theatres. In different cultures colors like purple, yellow, red, white, represent death. Likewise, a black horse, a black cat, an upside down torch represents death.

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Rebirth, creation, and eternity symbolism is associated with gate, star creation, anvil, moon, lotus, anchor, ankh, the sun, the raised hand, etc. These are positive symbols bearing a deeper meaning about life, death, and the cycle of rebirth. Though this info graphics is titled about the death symbolism, it also contains symbols of a variety of profession such as music, art, religion, relationships, etc. Many animals too represent birth, death, innocence, eternity, etc. Each culture and religion has a different meaning to it. Oak leaf represents longevity and daisy innocence. The urn always represents the soul. An apple represents salvation and a wreath a victory in death.


An interesting take on symbolism related to life, death, and rebirth from different cultures.


Symbolism about the grimmer side of life.

Death is life’s ending. Because everyone who is born eventually dies, it is the center of many traditions and organisations.

Customs relating to death are a feature of every culture around the world. Part of those customs are symbols, which signify or try to make sense of the phenomena.

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Death Icons in Different Cultures 2

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