Cutting-Edge Techniques For Augmentation of Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists provide individual treatment plans based on the needs of the patient. Treatments can include a combination of hands-on therapies, Orthopedics, Neurology, Palliative Care, Sports Rehab and Cardio-respiratory Physiotherapy.

Research continues to introduce innovative treatments incorporating new technologies including Rehab Robotics, Gamified Rehab, Applications and Wearables and Light Therapy. Other treatments might include Water-Based Therapy for the aged or less mobile.

When looking for a physiotherapy Rehabilitation consider the following to make it easier to follow your treatment plan:
1. Convenient hours
2. Private treatment rooms
3. Registered physiotherapists
4. Ethical billing
This infographic provides an overview of the key elements for rehabilitation physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Source: Physio Now

Your first appointment will be about an hour to review your condition and provide a treatment plan. The amount of appointments required for your treatment will vary based on the recommendations of your physiotherapist.  

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