Infographic: Credit Card Code

If you use credit cards and payment gateways to get your business going, there is yet an easy way to check the credit card the users use for authentication. You can just look into a few things and say if it is a genuine or a fake credit card. In this infographic titled, β€œInfo graphic: Credit Card Code” you will see how to detect a genuine and a fake credit card.

Every credit card has a bunch of numbers punched on them. Every set of these numbers have a meaning. The first digit of the credit card is an identifier if it belongs to a bank, a financial institution, an airline, travel, entertainment, etc. The first six digits will tell you if it’s a debit car, a visa card, a master card, an Amex card, etc. It denotes the card issuer.

If you are a shop keeper who has the facility of purchase through cards, you can easily check if it is a valid credit card by calculating the check sum using the numbers on the card. If the check sum is divisible by ten, then it is valid, else, it is a fake card. You will see in the infographics how to calculate this check sum.


Info useful for businessmen who deal with credit cards regularly.


An infographic with a lot of technical knowledge, useful only for a niche crowd.

Credit Cards Code

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