Counterfeit Money

The issue of fake money circulation is probably the worst nightmare for any country, budding or developed. Even though it is more common in developing countries, it also happens with the developed ones. It is a great threat to the economy and it can cause serious damage to the overall structure of the economy. This infographic shows how the country suffers from losses due to fake money. There are millions of dollars that are wasted and people are cheated over this. This infographic is useful as it explains how this “Counterfeit money” comes in the first place.

This infographic will show you how the world uses money and how fake money circulates in the system rampantly. However, it also has useful advices on how to spot fake currency and the different methods by which fake currency could be spotted. If you can’t remember these, then you can also bookmark this infographic for your future reference.

To counter this problem, the original money makers have issued some identification marks, such as 3D stamps and other things so that the common man can easily recognize a fake note from a genuine one. You can check out all these indications in this neat infographic. It is a single picture which will give you all the info you need about genuine and fake money.

Likes: The images are well presented. The text is very easy to read and understand.

Dislikes: There is nothing that we don’t like about it, except maybe add a few more currencies.

Counterfeit Money Infographic


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