Cost Of Bachelors Degree Around the World

Cost Of Bachelors Degree Around the World (Infographic)

It is true that education comes at a price and a pretty expensive one at most places. Earning a bachelor’s degree from a good college or university can prove to be costly for your pocket but paying this price might help to increase your earning capacity by quite an extent. Here’s a look at the cost of bachelor’s degree around the world.

Some colleges with the most expensive tuition fees in US include Columbia University, Vassar College, Trinity College, St. John’s University and Connecticut College. Some courses which are counted as the most expensive majors are Interior design, Photography, Medicine, Music, Dentistry, Engineering, Architecture, Law and Aviation. The cost of education has increased so much that pursuing higher education has become 12 times more expensive than it was 30 years ago in the US. Mexico has the lowest cost of education in the world while US as a whole has the highest amount of tuition fee structure in the world. [Source]

Cost Of Bachelors Degree Around the World (Infographic)

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