Cool Ideas To Throw The Perfect Party For Small Company

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Corporate Party Ideas

Everyone wants to break the routine, dress up and have fun. Workplace celebration is something all employees are waiting for. It gives them recognition for milestones and accomplishments in work. That’s the way an employer can show a personal interest in their staff, especially in a small company.

A corporate party is the opportunity to get to know your colleagues and build great work relationships. There is no time or place to do that at work, and sometimes newcomers feel pretty awkward. The celebrations, from another hand, have a friendly relaxed atmosphere. Making employees feel like a team should be in the best interest of the business owner. In this case, they will feel more comfortable to discuss their ideas with each other and complete tasks. More than that, a healthy workplace environment makes people more energetic and productive.

If you are in charge of throwing a party for your small company, you should know that it is going to be so much fun. There is a common misconception that you need hundreds of people to have a great party. Small companies have the advantage – no one feels left out. There are a few ideas that can help you out:

Awesome greetings

Your party should be special from the very beginning. You can greet people at the entrance and give them little presents such as custom stickers with your company logo, work mugs with their names, party hats, custom t-shirts with cool prints, or photo booth props. Also, you can serve shots at the entrance if it is appropriate.

Corporate Party theme

Choosing a theme has a lot of benefits. First of all, it can set the mood of the corporate party and employees will feel more engaged (having a custom is a must!). Secondly, it will be easier to choose decorative items, the venue, and party accessories. Plus, it will make the party memorable. Usually, pictures from all the celebrations are the same – women in shiny dresses and men in suits. However, if you host the pyjama party, for example, employees will speak about this unusual move for a long time!

Alcohol tickets

Let’s admit it, there are a lot of people who don’t drink responsibly. It looks especially bad when you are with your coworkers. There is no space for excessive drinking in a professional environment. For years now companies have been trying to limit the amount of alcohol at the corporate parties in order to prevent employees from embarrassing themselves. You can always talk to your colleagues about company culture emphasising that getting wasted is unacceptable. Or you can serve some wine and beer and organise games for employees. The winners will get free cocktails from the bar. Make it any way you want. Just remember that it is important to think it through.

Shake it!

When people have a great time, they want to dance. If you don’t provide music and space, your employees will go to do it elsewhere. That’s why you should book a DJ or a music band. You can plan some dancing after dinner and games. Closer to midnight, everyone will feel more relaxed to show their best moves.

Rent a photo booth

People will take pictures anyway. You can make it special by renting a photo booth with a high-resolution camera. Most probably, employees will keep photos as a souvenir. It is a fun way to make your employees feel like a team. Also, the photo booth can be a good decoration at the corporate party.


People will talk, eat and dance anyway. However, you can work even harder and make this party unforgettable for them. Consider inviting corporate comedian, fire performers or magician to impress your employees.

Corporate Party Gifts

If you want to make employees even happier, consider giving some presents for the best costume, performance or a great job. It will motivate them to work even harder and be creative. For example, you can give some tech gadgets, coffee mugs, tickets to the cinema or show. The quantity and quality of your gifts will mostly depend on your budget. If you can’t spend a lot, you can offer your boss to give paid days off as the present. Actually, you can even promote healthy competition in your company one month before the party.

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