Colors of the Web


Web is not a new word. The entire world is aware of the colors added into the lives of people by web based services. Has anybody wondered the colors that dominate hyperlinked documents on the web? This infographic titled “Colors of the Web” reveals fascinating information about the colors that dominate the web. If you’re an info-geek, then you would certainly fall in love with this infographic.
This infographic highlights the top web brand rankings providing a clear picture of the leaders on the web. The top 100 web brands have been covered in this infographic. It also highlights the similarity in the usage of colour palettes within these top brands. The cool facts that can be deciphered out of this infographic will leave anybody amazed.
There exists a similarity in the usage of the color palettes by top brands working under the same domain. Whether it is in the social networking domain or blogging domain, one can witness the similarity in the use of colour trends on the web. In short, this infographic is an amazing source of facts about the web.

Likes: Colourful representation of the facts, Superb illustration overall.

Dislikes: Description is missing, quite difficult to comprehend

Infographic brought to you by psfk.comColors Of The Top 100 Web Brands

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