College Students: Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades?

Nowadays, most of us spend our days on the social media forums for a large part of the day. Whether we are eating, watching a flick, or going out with a friend, everything is captured and framed on our social media timelines. After Facebook, the biggest social media platform is perhaps twitter, that sees people hooked on to it. Even famous celebrities are present on twitter media, and some of them are hooked on to them.

Naturally, people who are fans of celebrities find themselves stalking them on Twitter throughout the day. Now when such social media is involved in our day to day lives, our studies are bound to get hampered. There is always a consistent urge to check our twitter time line or to check whether someone retweeted our tweet or not. This could be severely hurting ones grades. In fact, this infographic called “College students: is Twitter hurting your grades?” asks this same question to all the college goers.

According to it, a recent survey has shown that over 35% of the Twitter users were between the age group of 18-24 years. After that, above 30% were of the age group 25- 34. In fact, this statistic has been increased from a very long time. In 2009, there was a rise in the number of users in each group. Check out this infographic for more such details.

Likes: Information has been panned out quite nicely. The overall design is pretty good.

Dislikes: More detailed stats could have been employed to justify what the infographic is saying

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College Students: Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades?
College Students: Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades?


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