Get To Know The Collaborative Robots Safety Standards In Detail

Get To Know The Collaborative Robots Safety Standards In Detail 1
Robots Safety Standards

Cobot safety standard levels are issued by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) as ISO/TS 15066. The safety standards provide crucial information about the highest level of force that can be applied by a cobot when it comes in contact with a human. The ISO/TS is not yet approved as a standard and hence carries the two letters- TS along with it. TS stands for Technical Specification. The entire process of developing the standards takes three years approximately.

The setting up of standards for collaborative robots market  involves few pivotal steps. It starts with the proposal for the new work. Then the technical committee comes up with an expert consensus. The ISO/TS is then produced from this. After the completion of all the changes, the International standard draft inquiry is put forward. The final text submission is made to start the processing work. The completed standard’s formal vote is done as the next step. The vote can be used to determine whether the technical specification can be converted to an ISO standard by itself. Finally, the publishing process of the standard is completed.

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