Coca Cola 125 Years Anniversary

Coca Cola has been around long enough to be well recognized. It has been there for so many years, that even our ancestors might have had a taste of this drink. But did you know that in 1985, Coca Cola was the first soft drink that had ever been to space? Yes, it’s true. There is a lot of other such little information about Coca Cola, which you might have not known before. In this infographic β€œCoca Cola 125 Years Anniversary” you will find out such exclusive things about Coca Cola.

It is amazing to think that a brand has been with us for over a century and a quarter. It has enriched our lives with the happiness of soft drinks. But apart from being around for so many years, it has also given us a lot more to be proud of; one such thing is it being in space. But maintaining such a huge brand comes with a lot of promises as well. The main ingredient of Coca Cola is a secret. It is said that the main ingredient is made centrally and from there it is exported to 900 bottles around the world, and spreads out to even more bottles.

The Coca Cola brand is indeed a brand of mystery. This infographic will reveal many of them.

Likes: First of all it is pleasing to the eyes. Secondly, the font is large enough to relax back in your seat and enjoy the trivia.

Dislikes: Overall nice presentation, nothing to dislike.

Coca Cola 125 Years Anniversary
Coca Cola 125 Years Anniversary



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