Cloud Computing – Historical Look

Cloud Computing - Historical Look 1

We can predict the future. In the year 2015, there will be more phones which can be carried in a pocket than there are people on Earth. Oh wait, we are not from 1985; we are from 2015. And this is not a prediction; this is an often-reported fact.


Regardless, we thought of this when we saw the “Cloud Computing–Historical Look” infographic. The first thing that caught our eye was the prediction (in 2011) that the revenue from cloud computing would be close to $150 billion in 2014. We decided to test this by googling “2014 revenue for cloud services”. One result said that IBM’s revenue was $7 billion.

Another article, by Forbes, was extremely conservative; stated that the revenue was worth $13 billion a year; and that Microsoft and IBM overtook Amazon in this regard (indicating that all 3 of them together are a part of the $13 billion). However, it did say that there was phenomenal growth here, with Microsoft and IBM showing 164% and 86% gains, respectively.

Another article, reported on another report by Forbes by stating that spending on cloud computing was predicted to be $235.1 billion by the year 2017. Of course, revenue should be higher than spending but the article makes no mention of how much more it would be.

However, it does appear that the future was not as rosy as the infographic thought that it would be in 2014. Perhaps, though, the infographic was based on global revenue. For that, though, we could find no accurate information.

Likes: There is a tremendous wealth of information, not just the prediction that we focused on.

Dislikes: There is some jargon sprinkled throughout this infographic that only IT people may understand.

The concept of cloud computing is used from early 1960’s. Utility computing, the ASP model, autonomic computing are one of the precursors of cloud computing. Cloud services can be effectively implemented in industries for revenue generation and business growth.

Cloud Computing Infographic


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