Classification of Rummy Games – 4 Types Based on Rewards and Challenges


Rummy is a popular game across the world. A testimony to this fact is a large number of rummy variants played in different parts of the world. For example, if Gin rummy is popular in America, then rummy is the Asian sub-continent is synonymous with Indian rummy. There several variants of the game but the the love for rummy games online which is universal.

Take a look at the classification of rummy games which is interesting as the game itself. We’ll talk of the about rummy games classified based on their complexities and rewards involved in the playing.

Practice/ Free games

As the name suggests they are purely for practice purpose and aimed at honing the rummy game skills of the players. Practice chips are used while playing practice games. Since you do not have to have to pay an entry amount to play these games, they are also considered as free games. With practice games, players understand the rules of the game, the online format of playing, features of the website in addition to improving their mental skills required for the games. You can play as much as practice games you want but you are not rewarded for your wins here. Also, the players you come across here are with similar skill set as you.

Free cash games

In these free games although you do not have to pay for joining, you can win real cash rewards in these games. These are hot favourites among many as they don’t lose any money if they do not win at these games. On the contrary, winning will reward you with cash prizes. These games may be treated an intermediate level before you start playing cash games full on. The best part of these games is they keep running on an hourly, daily and weekly basis giving you abundant opportunities to win small cash rewards.

Cash games

The biggest attraction among rummy players is the cash games. These games have a nominal entry for participating in them. But the rewards are in real money form attracting both aspiring and seasoned players. Cash rummy games have both low and high stake tables. You’ll also find players from a decent level of proficiency to extremely skilled players too. When you wish to join such tables be thoroughly aware of your level of expertise in the game and join those tables which you are confident about giving a decent play.

Rummy Tournaments

If you want to rake in big moolah, then here’s the ultimate rummy challenge – rummy tournaments. Best suited if you love the challenges of the game, it’ll also suitably reward you for your skills too.  Played over several rounds before making it to the top league of players, tournaments draw the experts, professionals and the best of the breed rummy game players. The challenge, the pace of the game and including the reward amounts are very high here. You may choose to play rummy tournaments, cash rummy tournaments or even the seasonal tournaments too.


Classification of Indian rummy helps to choose the type of game that best suits your skills, matches your interest level and of course the rewards you may expect for your wins.

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