Christmas Holidays Rises Screen –Time


The Christmas and New Year festivals bring happiness joy especially on the faces of young teens, tweens and children. But on the other hand, neither the Christmas and nor the New Year celebrations got good thing for the modern day youth.

Because the holiday season rise the screen time of the young kids and teens. They watch movies and play video games all day long either go to visit the beautiful places or doing some physical activities. According to the reports an average child almost 60 movies and spend more than 150 hours on the video games.

Moreover, the modern parents are actually responsible for these kinds of habits. Because when children are growing up 78% of parents are the role models of their parents. An average child spends 6.5 hours on their cellphones and computer machines.

Therefore, parents should stop their children using tech –devices and cyberspace in the holiday’s season. Let’s take a look at the infographic in the following that illustrates about the reason, average time, and to prevent these habits of children. Infographic provided by

Christmas Holidays & Rise in Screen Time Infographic

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