Choosing Couch Fabric

When you are happy with your furniture, then all is well and good. The furniture complements the rest of the home and enhances its attractiveness.

However, when you are unhappy with the furniture, especially with the couch or sofa, then things are not so good. The couch can be an eyesore and make your home look ugly, old, used and not well-maintained. The couch can be a magnet for dirt and grime. In the rainy season, it attracts water from the wet clothes from those who are sitting on it, and mixed with the dirt and dust that are already in the couch, makes it like a paste and very difficult to remove. In the hot months, it attracts the perspiration and dirt from those who use the couch with similar results.

Fortunately, all this can be avoided relatively easily by deciding on the proper fabric, and other consideration available through Durian.

Durian Furniture

In this day and age, people tend to prefer natural things and fabrics are certainly a big part of that. Common natural fabrics are cotton, wool, leather, linen and silk. People wear cotton shirts all the time, but they do not wear the same cotton shirt every day of the year. If they did then they may see how fragile cotton can be, and imagine how much abuse the sofa would endure if it had cotton fabric. In addition, linen fabrics wrinkle and fade quite easily.

That is why more people tend to choose synthetic fabrics or blends of man-made fibers, which can be nylon, rayon, vinyl, acrylic, acetate, microfiber and olefin. These are extremely durable and often outlast the people using it. They are also more resistant to dirt and grime.

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In either case, the fabric ought to be flame resistant and to be cleansed easily through one of the following methods:
1) Through water-based cleaning products;
2) Through solvent-based cleaning products;
3) Through either or both of these methods; and
4) With a vacuum cleaner or light brushing only.

Design and suitability:
Again, you probably have a motif for your home, and your furniture ought to match that. If you have a lot of unpainted wood in your home then vinyl or leather could be a good match for that. Even if you do not have a motif then the furniture should be consistent at least with each other. If you have a lot of wool fabrics then a couch with acrylic fabric could look out of place.

There are some fabrics that are very expensive; you may already know that from shopping for wedding saris. There are other fabrics that are very inexpensive; but remember, you get what you pay for. As in almost everything, a price close to the middle can be best and provide the fabric, design and suitability that you desire.

To get advice from professionals, just contact Durian. We are #JustAClickAway.

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