Chennai Marriage Hall Voted Best Wedding Venue

Chennai Marriage Hall Voted Best Wedding Venue 1

Chennai Marriage Hall Voted Best Wedding Venue 2

Chennai’s top marriage venue was recently voted on. The winner Rajan Gardnes is the most spectacular event venues in Uthandi,  Chennai. While it may be a house wedding venue, it definitely is a breathtaking mansion which is available to be hired out for a variety of outdoor and indoor events and won due to the pricing, location, and amenities. The reception halls Chennai offers can accommodate a small gathering of 150 people right up to a large crowd of 1000 guests. So irrespective of whether you want to host a fabulous, grand event or just a cozy gathering of family and friends this is the perfect venue. For more photos visit:

At Chennai wedding venue, you will notice the large green lawns, exotic flora as well as an array of scenic backdrops which make it the perfect wedding venue. The bride and groom-to-be are given free reign over the wedding halls Chennai offers as well as the rest of the property on their wedding day. So this allows them to enjoy a wonderful outdoor or indoor wedding as well as a reception on the massive courtyard. So if you’re looking for a wonderful venue for an evening of fine dining and dancing, while taking in the fresh ocean breezes, this is where you will find it. Couples also have the option of renting out the atrium which is one of the mansions most elegant indoor spaces.

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With the wonderful marriage halls Chennai provides, couples have the flexibility to choose their own caterer and wedding party. Couples are free to custom design their wedding day. However, if you’re having difficulty finding wedding experts, the venue does provide a list of trusted venues for the most pertinent wedding services such as floral arrangements, music, and entertainment, videography, photography wedding cake, hair and makeup as well as transportation and lodging. So feel free to make use of the venue services if you need it.

Chennai marriage Hall was voted the best place to have a wedding in Chennai, India. One of the reasons as to why it received such an exquisite award is for the fact that this venue offers everything that you could possibly want for your wedding day. It has glamour, privacy, and allure, serenity as well as breathtaking views everywhere you look. This is probably one of the few venues that you can have both your wedding and reception at. It’s because it’s absolutely flexible and while it is the perfect venue for your wedding, it also makes the ideal venue for your reception. This brings a whole lot of convenience to your wedding day. And if you want your closest family and friends to stay over, so it can seem like a Chennai resort wedding, they also offer overnight accommodation in three villas for up to 50 guests. This is also one of the only venues that can be used extensively for both its indoor and outdoor spaces.

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It is also the perfect venue for celebrations, be it a wedding celebration or any other type of family celebration. The sophisticated Hall makes its great for indoor celebrations and expense of outdoor courtyard and surroundings makes its perfect for celebrations under the stars. Ultimately, you can choose to have the best of both worlds. If you are getting married, you can choose to have your wedding indoors and your deception outdoors or vice versa. This basically gives your guests the feeling of changing venues while still being at the same venue. This also makes it extremely convenient for you as a guest don’t need to be transported from one venue to another.

It should also be noted that although this venue is picturesque, sophisticated and upscale, it is priced to fit most budgets. So when it comes to providing an award-winning venue that is priced to be easily accessible to families from various economic backgrounds, Chennai marriage Hall definitely does take the credit for that.


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