Check Out The Latest Trends In The Spa Industry

Spa Industry

The spa industry is touted to see many changes in the near future. In the global arena, the expenditure on luxuries is expected to increase with more and more people looking for ways to relax and rejuvenate. People are no longer hesitant to splurge a bit on pampering themselves. Wellness tourism is on the rise. As people nowadays are working in jobs that include more tension and stress, they are looking for ways to get a break from the stress elements and go on a trip which includes wellness and spa packages too. 

People opt for a day spa and hotel spa more than before. These spas offer a wide range of services like saunas, pools and steam rooms. People also opt for destination spas that offer traditional spa services like Ayurvedic, Turkish and Swedish massages. The global spa and massage center in Chennai market for the year 2018- 2023 is observed to be growing at a rate of 5.7%. In short, the spa trend is on the rise and is foreseeing endless possibilities in the near future!

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